The Tarot is a path to self-awareness and a demonstration tool of esoteric teachings such as astrology, kabbalah and alchemy. Path to initiation during the time of Egyptian high priests, depicted on the walls of the pyramids still visible today.

The Tarot is the image of the universe, which consists within itself the past, the present and the future and helps people to reach a certain level of consciousness. Jung also spoke highly of the Tarot and held seminars on it, as a tool supporting self-awareness. The Tarot provides insights into a person’s psychological, mental and physical condition.

The Tarot cards may become our best friend in our lives’ journey, providing support and hope in times of doubt, but also confronting us with the reality in order to guide us to the path that is ours and full of surprises. We can only comprehend our lives’ meaning and purpose at the time of our death, but until then our job is to develop and to fulfil our task to become who we are!

From time to time we stop and wonder about our mistakes and judgements. The Tarot can lead you through these times and answer your questions, as it’s rather concrete and hard to misconstrue. It’s a wonderful tool that helps us to better manage our lives, better understand ourselves, the world and the people in it.

Through a deeper knowledge of Tarot, numerology and alchemical symbols one can recognize the correlations, use the energies, heal and meditate.

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