We are all curious about our future outlook, how our relationships or career will develop or what characterises our surroundings. If we know the obstacles and difficulties in front of us, we can avoid them and drive our lives forward in a more positive direction. Numerology – what does this mean? According to Pythagoras it means the essence of all things, the higher conception behind all phenomena. There were times when it was considered God’s thought. It’s an ancient tool of Divination with Egyptian, Indian and Persian past. According to Jung it reflects the deep psychology of the unconscious. In order to understand it, it is important to know that its meaning is not created but recognized. Why participate? What will you gain through this course? It can be a significant step towards self-awareness. It can bring significant learnings to those courageous enough to study their own destiny, mistakes and results, or to take control consciously of their lives. The knowledge of numerology can help with relationships, managing your business, choosing a job or career, bringing up children and point out changes in your health as well. It helps making decisions faster and smarter. I welcome you on this journey, where we attempt to turn our lives around to head towards something better through the mystic relationship of men and numbers.

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