Goddesses do exist!

Goddesses embody spirituality, religion, nature and the feminine aspect of the creator. Since the dawn of humankind stories and myths have passed on their wisdom. There are significant differences among women, reflected by inner patterns, archetypes and symbols.

Through the introduction of seven Greek Goddesses, this workshop gives you the opportunity to discover these Goddesses within you, discover yourself, your loved ones or your enemies, recognize your mother, grandmother, daughter, neighbour or friend.

You will better understand the secret, inner driving force behind their often „impossible” behaviour. You will learn about the archetypical traits of each Goddess, and discover thought and behaviour patterns different from yours, thereby helping you to accept yourself even more.

Getting to know the Goddesses working within you can have a positive impact on your relationships, career, family, raising children, dealing with loss and a deeper understanding and improved resolution conflict situations.

By idenifying what’s really best for you and becoming conscisouly aware of it, you become the helsman of your life again, avoid the experience of failure and regain the strength and wisdom of your femininity.

The Goddesses will help you cleanse your heart chakra, allowing you to give and receive even more love. Playful exercises will help you on this journey of discovery, transformation and letting go.

Come and join us at this unique journey with the seven Greek Goddesses and discover that Goddesses do exist!

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